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IO Protect
Help Desk

Managed Services
Provider (MSP)

As your trusted partner, IO Connect Services can take care of your users, with rapid response times for quick resolutions, improving your organization’s productivity.

Our Difference


Service level agreements with superior response times

Real-time Response

Real-time communication in business hours

Vendor-neutral Support

We support Mac, PC & Linux computers and BYOD mobile devices


Our engineering specialists are available for advanced problem-solving

Flexible Ticket Plan

Plans are designed for you to never overpay for unused tickets

Real-Time Support

You can connect with our Help Desk team in real-time by using Slack or Microsoft Teams during business hours or via Email 24/7.

Levels of Support

Level 1 - Basic
(1 point)

Basic customer issues, like solving usage problems and fulfilling service desk requests, that need IT involvement

Level 2 - Advanced
(2 points)

Experienced and knowledgeable technicians assess issues and provide solutions for more complex requirements​

Level 3 - Specialized
(4 points)

Access to the highest technical resources available for problem resolution or new feature creation

Our Help Desk packages contain IO Protect Ticket Points that you can mix and match as needed. This flexible and cost-effective mechanism allows you to maximize your investment and to avoid unnecessary charges for unused tickets.

Software as a Service (SaaS) support

We can help your organization to unlock the full productivity potential of Office Suites on the Cloud. Our support team can leverage our Cloud experts to extend advanced problem solving.

Our Help Desk Security Add-ons

Automated Microsoft Office 365 & G Suite backup

Ransomware protection and disaster recovery solutions

SaaS security and extended endpoint protection


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