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Assess, plan, and migrate safer and faster

Our Migration Practice is a compound of three fundamental pillars that help us provide our clients with the most appropriate migration strategy for their needs: assessment and strategy​, tools​, and education.​ We provide business expertise, migration and modernization tools, and highly qualified resources to perform fast and safe migrations to the Cloud.


Our Expertise in AWS Migration


Also known as “Lift and shift” is the process of migrating an exact copy of an application or workload (and its data store and OS) from IT one environment to another—usually from on-premises to public or private cloud.


Applications are moved to the cloud without major changes, but taking advantages of benefits of the cloud environment, for example, containers, ALBs and autoscaling.


Applications are modified to better support the cloud environment. Apps or databases run on the infrastructure of your cloud provider. A complete re-architecture and paradigm changes are required, for example, moving a monolith app to microservices using


The Migration Process

AWS approaches large-scale migrations in three phases: assess, mobilize, and migrate. This migration strategy is designed to help organizations efficiently migrate tens, hundreds, or thousands of applications and see business results faster.

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