We invest in our team’s development and professional growth


Our commitment with you

The team at IO Connect Services is a group of certified IT professionals who focus on lean project delivery and provide excellent service to our growing portfolio of global clients. We pride ourselves on providing a work-life balance by following the “measure twice, cut once” approach. This philosophy helps us schedule and assign well-thought out and broken-down tasks in a way that we set the right expectations with clients and most importantly, with our team and their families.
Within the 1st month
• Get certified in the primary technology service area (e.g.: Mule ESB Developer, AWS Solutions Architect Associate)
Within the first 12 months
• Get certified in a second level certification (advanced or similar) in the primary technology service area (e.g.: Mule ESB Solution Architect, AWS Solutions Architect Professional)
Within the first 24 months
• Get certified in a first level certification in a secondary technology service area (e.g.: AWS Professional)

• Full expenses covered to attend a major international conference (e.g.: MuleSoft Connect, AWS Global Summit)
After the first 24 months
• Continuous certifications

• Full tuition or an online Masters program from a State accredited University in the U.S. after 2 years of outstanding performance reviews

Work-life Balance

Work no more than regular business hours, we love our free time and weekends!

In the rare case we need to work overtime we do time for time. This means that if you spend two hours to oversee an overnight deployment, you can choose a future day where you can leave two hours early or arrive two hours late.

Compensation Package

Attractive Bonuses

Competitive Base Salary

Medical and Dental Insurance

Training and Certification Covered

Flexible Paid-Time-Off

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