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HealthTech: Ainnova detecting diseases early and reducing cost with AWS SageMaker

November 8, 2023
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Executive summary

Ainnova Tech wanted to create the future of accessible early detection of diseases, breaking the status quo and impacting the world with solutions that save lives and improve people ́s health.

His value proposition will allow:

  • Add new revenue streams.
  • Reduce costs and save time for primary care providers.
  • Develop a streamlined and cost-efficient process for medicalspecialists.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction and boost the reputation of medicalcenters.

The challenge

The main challenge faced in this project was cost reduction, since previously the implementation of the training used On-premises machines that lasted a long time, so this generated large monthly costs. So, the main focus on this project was to catch an idea and turn it into reality as soon as possible.

Another challenge was that the project needed to monitor their models to find errors and opportunities for improvement in less time.

Why AWS?

The ease of creating, monitoring, and automating machine learning models with Amazon SageMaker allowed us to use tools that would help us reduce costs during training and choose the best model.

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