Why Should I Use Datadog?

By Erick Avelar, Integration Engineer at IO Connect Services

June 28, 2022

Is the cost of a Datadog subscription worth it?

First, you need to know basic things like: What is Datadog? Which are its capabilities? And why would you choose it over any other data monitoring tool? Here you will find an overview of Datadog and some helpful information to decide if this is the right fit for your company’s needs. If you are interested in the details, you can find more information on its webpage, or you can contact a representative.

To answer the earlier questions, we need to start by understanding Datadog’s benefits and the advantages provided to your company when analyzing your data and representing it in the most convenient format. Datadog provides a user-friendly UI, and you can easily control and visualize your information using dashboards or log explorers. In both options, you’ll be able to see the data from your systems and then filter it or search it as needed.

Datadog collects your systems’ metrics, traces, or logs to reduce the time spent detecting errors and their origin. You can easily monitor the data and be alerted about the health of your servers and software.

What specific features does Datadog give you when your company gets a license? There are a lot of useful functionalities, but what needs to be assessed is how convenient they are for your company, as needs can be different for every business. Below we highlight some of the most valuable features:

  • Log Management. Logs are the way your systems tell you how things are going. If you have your system logs in Datadog, you can aggregate, search, filter, and analyze them, which is necessary for error detection when you have hundreds or thousands of them.
  • Metric Monitoring. Displaying your system metrics in Dashboards is one of the most important functionalities. You can monitor servers’ status in real-time, know how many requests you are receiving, see if the server uses a lot of CPU, or check other characteristics your server generates.
  • Alerts. Monitoring a system 24/7 is impossible and trying to do so is associated with high costs and efforts. Datadog allows you to create alerts to notify you when your system has been disrupted, down, or showing atypical metric behaviors. That way, the person or team in charge can be informed and then diagnose the issues and prioritize them based on the urgency.
  • Integrations. If you need something more specific or specialized for your system or technologies, integrations allow you to monitor technical information in different systems, apps, and services. Datadog has more than 500 integrations - if you need an integration that doesn’t exist, you can build one.
  • API. If your application is an API implementation, you can report custom metrics or logs from your API in Datadog and then apply the other functionalities like dashboards or log management.

These features demonstrate that Datadog is a good investment, regardless of your systems, technologies, architectures, or needs. Nowadays, monitoring the health of your systems is a must and will allow you to improve the detection of unhealthy data o misfunctioning, saving you time and money.




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