Include the IO Connect expertise in your team with our IT Service Delivery Models


We provide flexible, agile, cost-effective staff augmentation solutions

IO Connect Services’ proficient contractors act as an extension of your team to fill talent gaps promptly. This practice allows you to scale according to the demands and diversify services while always maintaining control of your projects.

Leverage our high-quality services to engage a professional when you need one – without the long-term, costly commitment. We comply with the needs and budget of your business. Our industry-specific strategy with a Lean Agile approach allows us to design the solution best fitted for you while enhancing the way technology is being implemented.


Scale your development team with one or more experts working from our nearshore offices.


Scale your development team by adding one or more of our experts on-premises.


Scale your development team with one or more of our experts working on-premises in collaboration with our nearshore specialists.


We are responsible for the delivery of a project or set of product features

The IO Connect Services team is responsible for the total or partial delivery of a project or set of product features. Our highly skilled resources help deliver your projects in an efficient and cost-effective way, maximizing your productivity and allowing you to focus on your business goals.

At IO Connect Services, project ownership is a sense of pride. Team members are responsible for any incident in production 24/7. This is why quality is a keystone of our practices.


We accelerate your digital transformation through technology enablement

IO Connect Services experts help you realize your business goals by accelerating your digital transformation through technology enablement. With our practices and partnerships, we bring world-class talent with a breadth of knowledge to assertively guide you from strategy to implementation.

We offer industry-specific strategy with a Lean Agile approach to assess and analyze your current conventional and digital activities, business process, architecture, infrastructure, and regulations to create an effective digital transformation journey, while identifying opportunities to enhance quality and reduce costs.

Digital Business Platforms

Modernize your business systems that bring you a competitive advantage and develop new processes for digital opportunities.

Cybersecurity and Regulations

Set the processes, practices, and implementation of technical mechanisms and security controls to protect data based on regulatory requirements.

Digital Infrastructure Platforms

Transform your applications and infrastructure platforms leveraging the latest technologies and practices (cloud, data center, hybrid) to ensure business continuity.

Digital Strategy and Transformation

Evolve your conventional functions to leverage low cost, digital business platforms, infrastructure, and applications. Execute strategies into operational processes and IT systems to optimize business performance.

How can we help you?

IO Connect Services is here to help you by offering cost-effective, high quality technology solutions.