AWS Well-Architected

The AWS Well-Architected Framework describes the key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the Cloud and building the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient applications infrastructure possible.


Five Pillars of
AWS Well-Architected

Operational Excellence
Run and monitor systems to deliver business value and continually improve supporting processes and procedures.
Protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies.
Recover from infrastructure or service failures, dynamically acquire computer resources to meet demand, and mitigate disruptions.
Performance Efficiency
Use computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements, and to maintain efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.
Cost Optimization
Avoid and eliminate unneeded cost or suboptimal resources with cost effective resources, matched supply and demand, and expenditure awareness.

AWS Well-Architected Review

The AWS Well-Architected Review is an architectural assessment based upon the AWS Well-Architected Framework that enables our experts to teach, measure, and improve our clients’ architectures against AWS best practices, consistently identifying areas of improvement on which to capitalize.

IOCS Well-Architected Review Process



The necessary resources are prepared to carry out the WAR process. Access to the account, AWS Solution Architects, questionnaires, stakeholders, and tools are defined here.


WAR Workshop

A workshop is scheduled with the operation team to analyze the client’s information and walk through the framework to clarify any architectural concerns.


Review Meeting

A summary of the findings, as well as recommendations for remediation, are presented to the client.



Based on the report delivered to the client, a strategy is developed to remediate the findings. Dates and efforts are defined.


Follow-up Review

The actions taken in the remediation strategy are followed up to validate their impact on the improvement of the cloud architecture.

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