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AWS Retail Competency

Accelerate your digital transformation with our AWS Retail Competency team

Modernize and innovate across the entire enterprise on AWS Retail

We offer end-to-end solutions for AWS Retail Customer Engagement, Corporate Merchandising and Planning, Supply Chain and Distribution, Physical, Digital, and Virtual Stores, Advanced Retail Data Science, Core Retail Business Applications, and Consulting Practices on AWS Retail. Our innovative technology ensures alignment with best practices for building scalable, secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructure for retail applications.

Our Expertise on AWS Retail

Customer Engagement

Marketing, Advertising, and Customer Relationships Management (CRM) solutions for Retail Marketing leaders to attract and retain customers.

Corporate Merchandising and Planning

Merchandising, Replenishment, Space, Promotion, Category, and Vendor Management solutions for Merchandising and Planning leaders.

Supply Chain and Distribution

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Robotics, trade, and logistics for Retail Supply Chain leaders.

Physical, Digital, and Virtual Store

Next-generation eCommerce and in-store solutions that transform, modernize, and enable unified retail customer experience.

Advanced Retail Data Science

Retail Data Lake, AI/ML, and Analytics Solutions that improve operational efficiency, customer insights, and engagement.

Core Retail Business Applications

Core Retail Enterprise solutions for Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, Employee Management, Legal, and IT.

Configuration Management

Automate, monitor, design and manage configuration processes allowing your organization to increase agility.

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