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Datadog Mule® Integration

Get maximum MuleSoft® observability with our Datadog Mule® Integration

Datadog Mule® Integration Bundle




Out-of-the-box dashboards


Out-of-the-box monitors

Datadog APM Connector

for Mule® 4

The observability you need for your Mule® integrations & applications


  • Monitor the health of your Mule® servers, applications, and other IT infrastructure
  • Receive and visualize alerts about your Mule® infrastructure
  • Gain insights about your Anypoint Platform™ resource allocation of your organization


  • Quickly identify memory, CPU, and network issues in your Mule® applications
  • API Manager & API Analytics
  • Object Store 2 & Access Management
  • Find bottlenecks in your Mule® applications to optimize performance
  • Instrument your Mule® applications with our APM Datadog Connector for Mule for troubleshooting purposes


  • Analyze and forecast your ROI based on used and unused resources
  • Get visibility of the system uptime of your Mule® investment
  • Attain analytics to drive & support your technology modernization
  • Understand which businesses process flow through Mule® Integrations

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Mule® Integration for Infrastructure

US $
per Mulesoft® core. annually, $35.00 monthly 
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Mule® Integration for APM


US $
per agent, billed monthly.
10% discount for on annual subscriptions.
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Customizable Subscription
Customize your Enterprise Plan
Quantity, sizing and term customizable based on your business needs

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Use our out-of-the-box dashboards or build your own visualizations

Metrics are collected from the following MuleSoft® products:

Mule runtime engine® for CloudHub™, Anypoint Runtime Fabric®, and on-premise standalone servers

Anypoint API Manager and API Analytics™

Anypoint Access Management

Anypoint Exchange™

Object Store v2

Mule® Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Use the Datadog Connector for Mule 4 with Datadog APM tracing to gain visibility using the out-of-the-box performance dashboards.
Measure the performance of the operations in your flows as granular as needed using spans.
Correlate the logs generated within a transaction in a single trace to narrow down any performance optimization or troubleshooting scope.

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