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Compliance and Security

Meet security and compliance requirements for infrastructure, the cloud, and applications

Cloud Security

We take a DevSecOps approach to cloud security

We understand that cloud security tools are not enough to stay compliant and defend against threats. Instead, we help companies build scalable cloud security frameworks and use threat intelligence to identify risks proactively. Our security and compliance services follow the best practices recommended for cloud providers, such as AWS, and international security standards to ensure quality service.

Through our DevSecOps methodology, IO Connect automates processes to enhance the AWS security infrastructure. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, IO Connect can establish a cloud security baseline for customers and deploy AWS cloud security tools, including firewalls, IDS, proxies, IPS, and SIEM. We can build custom applications, as well as guide and implement security strategies across multiple AWS accounts.


We support governance, risk, and compliance

We help our clients leverage AWS services to develop governance, risk, and compliance models that meet the requirements of their organizations. Our security engineers are experienced in creating solutions that are HIPAA, SOC2, SOX, and PCI-DSS compliant.

Our engineers can carry out VPC design, including multi-VPC design patterns, as well as compliance solution designs for multi-region redundancy, infrastructure for secrets management, and DDoS Resiliency. We can guide your company through the process.

Application Security

We generate applications vulnerability data and insights

Our application security can detect and analyze a wide range of types of attacks at every layer of the stack. We help companies meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving threat landscape that can introduce unknown vulnerabilities, exposures inherited from third-party development tools, and the extreme shortage of cloud and application security expertise.

Through code reviews, penetration testing, and managing vulnerability results, IO Connect helps clients strengthen the security of their app development for the full stack.

We are results-driven with a focus on providing customer service excellence

IO Connect Services is here to help you by offering high-quality cloud technology solutions.
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