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Case study

Gopanza, eCommerce: AWS Cost Optimization

February 7, 2024
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Gopanza is a leading e-commerce technology provider that digitally transforms brick and mortar grocers by facilitating online franchising.


Gopanza knew that AWS was the right platform for their business. But when operational costs grew too high, they needed to seek savings without affecting performance.


Gopanza’s technology enables customers to create and manage white label online stores (for desktop and mobile devices), including payments, self-checkout, delivery, inventory, loyalty, and shopping pattern analysis, all with real-time reporting.

Gopanza sought to optimize costs, increase transparency, and reduce redundant services in their architecture to drive operational efficiencies.

Gopanza reduced their costs by 75% IN ONE WEEK, while maintaining the same powerful architecture and performance

Cost Optimization

Reduces and deactivates unnecessary services to significantly decrease costs without affecting performance.

Rightsize Solutions

Ensures AWS architecture is built and designed to meet specific workload needs.


Enables easy migration of new projects into AWS with confidence from knowing infrastructure cost and capabilities.


Gopanza partnered with IO Connect to analyze their AWS architecture and create a roadmap to cost optimization.

IO Connect immediately determined both which services were oversized or unnecessary as well as the correct workload for Gopanza’s infrastructure — without sacrificing performance.

Gopanza can consolidate infrastructure into AWS, ensuring predictable costs. With on-demand pricing, they can scale as needed and monitor usage. Eventually, they can reserve instances for further savings and capacity planning.


  • Resized RDS solution
  • Reduced OpenSearch instances from 3 to 1
  • Removed unnecessary EC2 instances


  • Optimization achieved in one week

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