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How Startups and SMBs Achieve a Successful Cloud Migration with IO Connect Services

By Marcos Sanchez, Cloud Technologies Director at IO Connect Services
November 2, 2022

To compete with established enterprises, startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must adopt modern IT environments by migrating to the cloud. SMBs need to modernize their legacy systems. Startups must find ways to transition minimum viable products (MVPs) to minimum acceptable products (MAPs) using cloud DevOps to become profitable and attract higher valuations.

However, cloud migration can be risky. A move to the cloud can interrupt production and expose application compatibility issues. When migrating to the cloud, startups and SMBs need to find a partner with the right knowledge and experience.

IO Connect Services is an ideal cloud migration partner for startups and SMBs because we combine specialized competencies, migration know-how, and a standardized methodology to deliver extra value during and after a move to the cloud.

IO Connect Migration Practice and Framework

At IO Connect, we are experts in cloud-native development and take a cloud-first approach. As such, we have established a Migration Practice with a standardized methodology. Our team members have an average of 20 years of experience delivering technical solutions, including cloud migration services, all over the world.

The IO Connect Migration Practice is based on a framework we have developed from the experience of working on different migration projects. The 3 pillars of the framework are:

Assessment and Strategy

We focus on the client's assessment to identify, determine, and size the workloads that need to be migrated to the AWS Cloud. Once the analysis is complete, we work with the client to create the most appropriate Migration and Modernization strategies for their needs.


To facilitate and speed up the Migration and Modernization process, IO Connect works only with the best tools available in the market. We have significant experience and expertise in using leading tools as part of our methodology, allowing us to help our clients migrate diverse workloads effectively and efficiently.


We encourage continuous learning, combined with broad and transparent sharing of knowledge, by providing our staff with educational tools and support for official certifications.

IO Connect has a well-defined methodology with phases that can be used with any client regardless of its size or industry:

Cloud Assessment

In this phase, we perform a client assessment to understand the current architecture, costs, security, and the business flows. During this phase, the AWS tools are used to get the information regarding the applications, databases, containers, and all the characteristics that are part of the current workload to migrate.


Successful cloud adoption and implementation require rigorous end-to-end cloud migration planning. During this phase, IO Connect concentrates our efforts on defining the best migration strategy and solution design.

Proof of Concept (POC)

In this phase, we schedule a session with the client in which we present the results of the assessments, as well as the solution proposal and the migration and modernization strategy. A POC allows the client to see the AWS services working in a demo that has been prepared in advance.


In this phase, the feedback and lessons learned from the POC help build and refine the migration plan. Landing Zones, creating a comprehensive project management plan, and setting up foundational technology infrastructure are critical parts of the planning phase.

Migration and Modernization

Once we have assessed the client environment and mapped out a plan, it's necessary to execute the migration. The main challenge here is carrying out your migration with minimal disruption to regular operation, at the lowest cost, and over the shortest period.


This phase defines the best deployment strategy based on the client’s needs.

Support Post-Migration

Once the workloads have been migrated to the cloud, and they are running on AWS, the clients have IO Connect support to assist in case they need it. As a best practice, we always recommend AWS Support for production workloads.


AWS Migration Services Competency

IO Connect recently achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Services Competency status. This designation means that we have the deep expertise needed to take our customers through all phases of complex AWS migration projects, including discovery, planning, migration, and operations.

By achieving the AWS Migration Services Competency, IO Connect has proven that we are an AWS Partner that provides specialized technical proficiency and has a track record of customer success with a specific focus on large-scale cloud migrations that are conducted in 3 phases: Assessment, Mobilization, and Migration and Modernization.

This migration strategy is designed to help organizations efficiently migrate tens, hundreds, or thousands of applications and realize results faster. To receive AWS Migration Services Competency, AWS Partners must possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS.

We are also an AWS Advanced Partner, so we can offer AWS benefits and credits to customers that work with us on cloud migration projects.


Specialists in Serverless Service Delivery Programs

IO Connect specializes in both AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, giving your startup or SMB more opportunities to enhance your cloud experience after migration with application development, management, and monitoring.

AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-driven compute service that allows users to run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers. Lambda can be triggered from more than 200 AWS services and software as a service (SaaS) applications.

Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that helps developers create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. Using API Gateway, you can develop RESTful APIs and WebSocket APIs to enable real-time two-way communication applications and support containerized and serverless workloads.

Nearshore Benefits

IO Connect Services Nearshore Software Outsourcing solution provides outsourced employees for cloud migration who are available close to where your business is located.

We offer all the benefits of nearshore outsourcing for cloud migration. Outsourcing with IO Connect Nearshore enables startups and SMBs to work with a partner in the same time zone and to hire employees with a shared language. We require that employees use English as their business language and have earned qualifying TOEFL scores. IO Connect Software Engineers have their academic studies validated by educational organizations in the U.S.

By outsourcing cloud migration services to nearby developing countries, IO Connect can provide employees who have specialized cloud migration expertise at a reduced cost. As an additional advantage, these countries often share the culture and intellectual property laws of the startup or SMB they are working with.

A Migration Partner You Can Trust

The experience and expertise IO Connect brings to the migration process is enhanced by our values. Our migration clients can trust us, and we strive to establish and maintain this trust throughout a long-term relationship.

Your company can get started on a cloud migration journey by scheduling a free migration consultation with IO Connect that includes a platform assessment, architectural recommendations for your migration strategy, and a cost estimate.

Find out more about how to migrate to the cloud with IO Connect. Schedule a migration consultation with us.

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