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FullBeauty Brands, eCommerce - Scaling with Retail Seasonality

December 18, 2023
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One of the biggest challenges for today’s retail e-commerce companies is cost-effectively managing the impacts of seasonality.

FullBeauty, an industry-leading apparel company, was using the AnyPoint Platform by MuleSoft, at an annual spend of over $300,000, which required purchasing an annual license that could accommodate the company’s peak periods.

However, since those peak periods occurred only occasionally throughout the year, much of the capability behind the expensive technology went unused.

The licensing renewal process was complex and required costly legal review, and the knowledge required to support MuleSoft workflows resided with only a few key employees, introducing a significant risk to the brand if they departed.

In addition, FullBeauty needed multiple middleware integrations into an antiquated legacy system to keep its various departments operating efficiently.


FullBeauty Brands contacted IO Connect Services to help it migrate to AWS, modernize its website resources, and integrate its middleware solutions.

By leveraging the AWS serverless technologies, the company could take advantage of pay-as-you-go options, to scale natively during peak seasons.

The IO Connect team helped FullBeauty accurately calculate its cost per transaction on AWS, which allowed the business to estimate its transaction volume and project AWS usage.

IO Connect conducted a full review at a pre-transaction level (digital) comparing the current model with migration, SaaS, and Transformation to determine the right path forward.

The team applied expertise in middleware integration and lean best practices to improve both resiliency and transparency of the entire system.


  • Complete digital migration to serverless computing
  • Fully automated solution thoroughly tested pre-
  • Easy identification of problems within multiple
    middleware applications
  • Compatibility with programming languages engineering
    team already using


  • Under 6 months to license renewal


IO Connect efficiently partnered with FullBeauty, delivering the new solution on schedule and within the allocated budget.

With FullBeauty's internal system singularly integrated with middleware via a dedicated VPN, the migration process was smooth, concentrating on workflows, protocols, and agreements, all while ensuring zero data loss.

The self-reliant nature of the AWS serverless platform minimizes maintenance and support demands.

FullBeauty is now positioned to quickly introduce new products or other middleware integrations as needed into the existing AWS system, which provides a robust structure and flexibility for the organization to grow.

“IO Connect delivered great value to us from both a strategic perspective and hands on technical expertise. Their deep expertise in cloud engineering and data analytics fortified our cloud infrastructure and processing pipelines.”

William Nixon, Former CIO at FullBeauty Brands

  • Reduced annual costs from $300k to $50K
  • First-year ROI of $140k
  • Ongoing ROI of $250k Annually
  • Streamline ongoing support and eliminate reliance on MS developers to grow their business

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