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IO Connect Services Announces CloudWatch Mule® Integration

April 28, 2021

IO Connect Services, a global Information Technology firm specializing in delivering complex technical enterprise software solutions both nearshore and onshore, today announced the new CloudWatch Mule® Integration product, an agent-based integration that collects metrics from MuleSoft® products and uploads them onto Amazon CloudWatch for maximum observability. This integration is now available in the AWS Marketplace.

IO Connect Services’ CloudWatch Mule® Integration provides visibility into the Anypoint platform, allowing AWS users to see application usage in customized dashboards. This includes metrics such as vCore consumption, average application errors and response times.

"It is common to use the AWS platform to host Mule servers and applications. CloudHub is also built on AWS. Therefore, it makes sense to leverage Amazon CloudWatch and related technologies to monitor all the Mule infrastructure. We’re thrilled to have our CloudWatch Mule® Integration available in the AWS Marketplace since it provides full Mule observability with a very efficient and user-friendly one-click installation,” says Victor Sosa, Director of Enterprise Integrations at IO Connect Services.

The AWS Marketplace is available within the AWS platform and AWS users can browse the Marketplace for applications to purchase and use.


About IO Connect Services

IO Connect Services is a certified AWS, MuleSoft, and Datadog partner with specialized consultants in DevOps, Enterprise Integrations, Cloud Technologies, App Development, Big Data, and 24/7 Managed Cloud, Security and Help Desk Services, providing onshore and nearshore services in North America, LATAM, and Europe.


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