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Ritani, eCommerce: Leveraging AWS Edge Services for a Complex Migration

March 3, 2024
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When the time came to scale their e-commerce platform, Ritani LLC, a leader in the fine jewelry industry, sought a way to rapidly scale its existing infrastructure to meet the needs of its growing international customer base.


With over 40 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry, Ritani LLC created an online e-commerce platform in 2018 to expand its global reach, providing a safe and convenient way to ship and deliver orders worldwide. The launch of an online catalog included new products, showcased their extensive inventory, and introduced a feature to build and design engagement rings. This enabled new global opportunities in both China and Europe while strengthening and expanding their presence with US retailers.

Ritani LLC wanted to showcase the world's largest diamond database while offering the most optimal, safe, and convenient online experience possible but needed a thorough redesign of their platform's infrastructure, back-end, front-end, and online marketing.

However, website migration had to be done in incremental stages. Ritani needed a partner with the expertise to migrate their e-commerce site while navigating the complex routes required to do so.


  • Stakeholders must be able to evaluate the performance of the migrated content with A/B testing.
  • A/B testing weight percentages must be adjustable on demand.
  • Users who have visited the new site must be able to access it for 30 days.
  • Users must access the website via the same domain (www), regardless of the site version.
  • Customer service representatives must be able to access both the legacy and the new site versions.

Increased Efficiency

Zero server administration needed to intercept traffic at edge locations and perform validations on web requests with the Lambda@Edge feature of Amazon CloudFront.


Edge Locations improved content delivery time and provided a dedicated place to intercept and validate Web requests.

Fully Managed

By leveraging R53, Cloudfront and Lambda@Edge, IO Connect offered a comprehensive, fully managed solution.


IO Connect experts proposed an AWS migration because of its scalable infrastructure and robust content delivery network (CDN) offering.

Ritani was impressed by the solution proposed by the IO Connect team: given that multiple versions of the e-commerce site coexisted, the old version of the site would still deliver content that had not been migrated, while the new e-commerce site, which required A/B Testing for validation, would be configured so that only a percentage of users could see it. Users who had visited the new site would see that site for a period of 30 days. Finally, the solution supported the crucial ability for the Ritani customer service team to be able to access the same content and see the exact version that users had visited.

IO Connect’s solution and seamless implementation involved leveraging three CDN offerings: Route53, CloudFront and Lambda@Edge. These tools enabled requests to be handled and routed to the corresponding e-commerce site—the new site or the existing one—until migration was complete.

Once the product owners validated that A/B testing worked as expected, they obtained the defined KPI metrics from the testing, and the IO Connect development team was able to update the content and weight routing percentages as needed. After the migration was complete, the development team set the weight value of the routing for the new website to 100% to retire the legacy site. Using this approach for projected migration, A/B testing, and content code release, IO Connect experts achieved deployment with zero downtime.


  • Serverless scalable infrastructure
  • Zero downtown during migration
  • Increased efficiency for server administration
  • Optimized CDN offers


  • Migration achieved in less than one month

About IO Connect

IO Connect Services is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, a certified MuleSoft® System Integrator Partner, a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Partner, and a member of the Datadog Partner Network. Our professionals have over 20 years of experience delivering complex technical solutions worldwide. We offer solutions in migration, DevOps, cloud native development, cloud solution architecture, security and compliance, and managed services. The company has achieved AWS competencies in retail, migration, and DevOps. We work relentlessly on establishing and maintaining trust with our clients and all business partners for successful long-term relationships.

Focusing on companies "born in the cloud" or wishing to migrate to the cloud, IO Connect enables them to leverage the advantages of having a cloud-native infrastructure.

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