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API Management: Ticket Purchasing System on AWS

10 May 2023
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Executive Summary

MobilityADO has defined its digital transformation strategy to reach its new 2027 vision: to become a global mobility company. In this journey, one of the first steps was to update the application's fronts of each business vertical: urban, long-distance, tourism, personalized services, and public services, seeking to build standard products that include data and technology and can be replicable in any operation at the global level.

This global platform aspires to offer comprehensive and multimodal experiences, combining services operated by MobilityADO and third-party services and disseminating its offer to third parties. As part of this vision, the API Management system is a core element of their ecosystem.


The challenge was to build and manage an API integration on AWS that functions as the best bus ticketing service in the general market. The Client had chosen the Oracle Cloud as their initial business strategy. MobilityADO is Oracle's client and consumes several of Oracle's services, so it looked like the natural choice. However, when the API Management's implementation took place over the Oracle Cloud (as part of their Digital Transformation), they noticed that the Oracle Cloud was not mature enough since the API Management implemented over the Oracle Cloud generated several operation problems like outages exceeding SLAs. The lack of resilience, performance, and HA evidenced issues in the design architecture. Likewise, the client noticed that the Oracle Cloud Architecture did not have AWS’ Global Infrastructure capabilities to become one of the best ticket purchasing systems worldwide.



The API Management running on the Oracle Cloud had several operational and design issues reported by the users besides the end-user complaint about the bad performance. IO Connect and MobilityADO agreed to perform a re-factor migration of the API Management, so our team worked on a Serverless approach, re-designing, re-architecting, retiring the current one, and replacing it with a new cloud-native application using AWS technology.

Since AWS offers technologies for running code, managing data, and integrating applications, all without managing servers, the Serverless approach was the best decision to make.

Serverless technologies feature automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-use billing model to increase agility and optimize costs. These technologies also eliminate infrastructure management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching so that MobilityADO can focus on writing code that serves their customers.

A Serverless approach was designed, presented to the client, and approved. Amazon API Gateway was the core service of the API Management and the Lambdas functions were in charge for integration and the business logic.


Deploying the solution with Serverless technologies provided better integration with the payment systems used through various previously created APIs. Other benefits were automatic scaling, high availability, and a pay-as-you-go model to increase agility and optimize costs. These technologies also eliminate infrastructure management tasks such as capacity provisioning and patching while allowing you to extend the capabilities of current APIs by implementing additional AWS services such as CloudFront, WAF, Route 53, and CloudWatch. The core aspects of the MobilityADO Serverless approach were:

Efficiency in Ticket Purchasing

An improved ticket purchasing system to enhance the e-commerce environment and improve user experience.

Quick Releases

Eliminate operational overhead so MobilityADO teams can release quickly.


With technologies that automatically scale from zero to peak demands, MobilityADO can adapt to customer needs faster.

Lower Costs

With a pay-for-value billing model, resource utilization is automatically optimized.

Easier to Build

Serverless applications have built-in service integrations, so MobilityADO can focus on building their applications instead of configuring them.


Superior Performance

This infrastructure provides a fast, resilient, and high availability environment for the application.


aligSave money by replacing physical hardware with expensive license fees with AWS services and only pay for what you use.

Fully Managed

Deployments are more efficient with fully managed resource provisioning, maintenance, and backup.

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