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Why You Should Consider Serverless Computing

13 Mar 2023

The primary goal of every business is to generate revenue. So, if something is cheaper to outsource for your organization than to have or host in-house, it only makes sense to outsource.

From Salesforce launching their CRM as a SaaS solution in 1999 to the development of PaaS, IaaS, DaaS, BaaS, and more, we see that outsourcing services is a smart way to do business. This has even translated to Hardware with HaaS.

One area remained neglected though – the server room. While plenty of server space is leased, Serverless Computing brings a much more agile solution to the table.

Defining Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing is simply a method of providing backend services on a sales model that only charges for what you actually use. Instead of leasing service space for a mandatory amount of time or for a fixed rate, Serverless Computing offers a much better business model for lowering expenditures. 

While it’s a bit of a misnomer to say “serverless” when servers are still used, it’s an apt description to say Serverless Computing, as your organization is not tethered to servers. Developers can write and deploy code without having to deal with any issues stemming from the underlying infrastructure, and again, you’re only paying for the bandwidth you’ve used.

The Tools of Serverless Computing

AWS provides a growing number of tools to assist in serverless computing. The following four are at the top of the list:

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway allows your developers to create, maintain, and secure APIs at any scale. They can use their own client applications as well as make their web APIs available to third parties. API Gateway will also maintain, monitor, and secure REST and WebSocket APIs at any scale.

Amazon Aurora

Compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora offers the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases but wrapped in the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of open-source databases. Amazon RDS is the management tool, taking care of tasks like provisioning, patching, backup and recovery, and failure detection and repair.

Amazon CloudFront

As a programmable CDN (Content Delivery Network), Amazon CloudFront integrates with other AWS services like S3, EC2, Route 53, Elastic Load Balancing, and Elemental Media Services to deliver static and dynamic web content globally. CloudFront provides massive scalability, low latency, and high performance, with all content accessible via the same console.

The Benefits of Serverless Computing

Cost Savings

From business costs to compute resources, the ability to pay for only what you use adds up quickly in terms of savings for your organization. Plus, there’s no need to purchase expensive servers and other hardware or rent out rack space.


Serverless Computing allows you to scale automatically to match your workloads without the need for manual configuration or intervention. This improves both efficiency and performance. Additionally, scaling is simplified, so you don’t have to worry about the policies to scale up code, as your Serverless Computing vendor handles all the scaling on demand.

Low Maintenance

Again, there is no server for you to host. Your organization will also enjoy having your patching, configuring, and management of servers taken care of. 

With no on-site servers, you no longer have to dedicate employee time and labor for the maintenance of your infrastructure. You’ll also enjoy access to database and storage services through AWS as opposed to having to host this hardware on-site.

An Increased Focus on Business Logic

With the maintenance of underlying infrastructure not being an issue for your IT staff with Serverless Computing, your developers can turn their full attention to the creation of applications that move your business forward. 

FaaS Platforms

Additional Function-as-a-Service platforms available with Serverless Computing give developers the opportunity to execute small pieces of code on the network edge. They can also build upon modular architecture, creating more scalable codebases with simplified backend code. 

Time to Market

Being able to have your development team focus solely on creating more innovative applications also speeds up time to market. Developers can add and modify code on a piecemeal basis while not having to worry about bug fixes or new feature deployments. 

Is Serverless Computing the Right Option for You?

Before making a decision on Serverless Computing, it’s best to talk to an expert. IO Connect Services is on hand to answer questions about any concerns you may have, such as security, testing, debugging, latency, and performance. 

Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation to help ensure that Serverless Computing is the right solution for your organization.


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