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Enhance Information Security with IO Protect: Leading Managed Security Services Provider

Comprehensive Security Solutions: Safeguarding Your Cloud, Infrastructure, and Applications with IO Protect

As your trusted partner, IO Connect Services can deliver peace of mind from threats by combining Cloud, Infrastructure, and App Security with 24/7 coverage.

Tailored Managed Services:

Elevate Your Hosting Strategy with Expert Solution





Comprehensive Application Security:

Uncovering Full Stack Vulnerabilities and Insights

  • Wide range of attacks on every layer of the stack
  • Rapidly changing codebase can introduce unknown vulnerabilities
  • Long tail of exposures inherited from 3rd-party development tools
  • Extreme shortage of cloud and application security expertise

Threat detection and response

Visibility of existing assets


Risk awareness

Moving data to the cloud

24 / 7 / 365 coverage


24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC): Expert Solutions for Effective Security Operations

Security operations require information, intelligence, and expertise. Building your own 24/7 SOC requires high investment in tools, time, and resources. Leverage our experts for a cost-effective solution.


Collect assets data, logs, events, network telemetry, endpoint, user behavior, file & dark web data


Ingest and store data
Analyze data (correlation, behavior and anomaly detection)


24/7 monitoring in the SOC
Investigate Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)
Search adjacent data and validate the incident


Escalate security incidents to responsible parties

Driving Success Through Strategic Partnership: Uniting with Top Managed Detection and Response Providers

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