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Work with a Datadog Partner to raise the level of your monitoring and security

Datadog Partnerships

We are a proud member of the Datadog Partner Network (DPN) providing services as Reseller, Managed Services Provider (MSP), Consultant / Systems Integrator and Registered Technology Partner.

Datadog Mule® Integration

Our agent-based integration collects metrics from MuleSoft® products and uploads them onto Datadog for observability.

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Datadog Qualifications

On-Premise and Cloud Infrastructure

Whether your infrastructure is hosted on your own premises or on a cloud, bare-metal, VMs or containers, our Datadog experts can integrate it to the Datadog platform to gain visibility.


  • Cloud and on-prem monitoring
  • Application-level monitoring

End-to-End Transaction Traceability

Never lose visibility of a transaction. Our Datadog experts can help you instrument your applications to trace every operation and correlate events to help you understand the context of the transaction regardless of the system or service.

  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Authors of the Datadog APM for Mule 4 module
  • Real-time User Monitoring

Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

Our Datadog experts will assess the optimal thresholds of monitors and create notifications and alerts for real problems. No more false negatives!


  • Monitors
  • Out-of-the-box and custom metrics
  • Log Management

Log Management and Searchability

Our Datadog experts can help you to forward logs to a centralized repository to enable search capabilities, enhancing your troubleshooting process.


  • Log management
  • APM Tracing

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Our Datadog experts will enable you to set monitors to help you stay within your service level agreements.


  • Monitors
  • Custom metrics
  • Synthetic tests

Service Level Objectives Tracking

Our Datadog experts will enable you to set monitors to track any operations failures and will alert whenever your service level objectives thresholds are close.


  • SLO
  • Custom metrics
  • Monitors

Our Datadog Partnership Programs

Services Partner

Our certified Datadog experts can assess and offer advice about the platform, develop and support integrations, and manage the Datadog application for your organization. This partnership provides us with insights about the latest developments within the platform so we can optimize your investment in Datadog.


As Datadog’s Reseller, we are the one stop shop providing scalable and cost-effective delivery to our customers. Our direct relationship with Datadog allows us to negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

As MSP, we incorporate Datadog into our service offering, performing administrative functions in the platform on behalf of our customers. We can manage your Datadog services while leveraging our expertise to guarantee the best return on your investment.

Consultant / Systems Integrator (SI)

As Consultant / SI, we provide expert assessment, advisory, and hands-on expertise to our customers. We can put our deep knowledge of the Datadog platform to use for your application and infrastructure visibility needs.

Registered Technology Partner

As Registered Technology Partner, we develop and support our customers integrations to Datadog’s hosted services. We are constantly developing extensions of the platform to expand Datadog’s capabilities.

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