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GenAI Roadmap for Startups: Preparing for Success from Day One

May 31, 2024

When entrepreneurs launch business ideas, they are often overwhelmed with the details of operations, financing, and sales. Concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and generative AI (GenAI) may seem too futuristic—things to consider once the startup has established itself firmly in its market space.

However, in today’s technology and data-driven worlds, these advanced technologies must be woven into every company from the beginning. If used correctly, these technologies can accelerate a startup’s speed in the market and minimize the number of failures often otherwise inevitable in young organizations.

Perfect Positioning for Data Pilots

One advantage that new companies have is a fresh start. Instead of being bogged down with years of unstructured data that must be cleaned up and sanitized, startups often have very limited data, or none at all. This positions them perfectly for pilot or test runs with data models or algorithms.

For those businesses that have no data yet, many government agencies offer publicly available datasets for free. These are ideal for training a new data model on a small scale, providing a fundamental analysis to help direct a startup in a particular geographic region or industry.

Refining Data as Growth Occurs

Publicly available data can be an inexpensive and straightforward place to start, but most startups will need to refine this data as they grow to generate more accurate insights.

Specific data that may be more relevant to a startup can often be purchased from third-party providers, research organizations at universities, or other similar companies. Startups may be able to partner with a more established related business, making arrangements to train their models using existing datasets.

As they get up and running, they will want to use their own data as it becomes available to refine their data strategy further.

Establishing a Data Strategy with GenAI in Mind

Unlike established companies that may collect data with antiquated reporting methods, startups can create their data strategies with ML and GenAI in mind from the very beginning.

Consider how data will be used before collecting it so it can be gathered and stored in a meaningful way from the outset. Remember to focus on end goals such as a superior user experience, streamlined and efficient workflows and processes, and real-time data delivery that can drive intelligent business decisions.

Piggybacking on Existing Services

Consider using a cloud services provider such as AWS managed services to leverage years of experience and expertise for a faster start. AWS-managed services eliminate the need for startups to employ their own data engineers or scientists; new businesses can piggyback on existing datasets and analyses.

For example, a startup focused on helping pharmacies increase their claims can access key data through AWS Forecast regarding local population demographics, seasonality of certain conditions, and other such classifications. This data can be analyzed by ML and GenAI tools to ensure that specific pharmacies have the right level of inventories and offerings to maximize their claims and profits in particular regions.

In addition, using AWS managed services allows easy scalability as soon as startups are ready to grow, allowing new companies to employ more sophisticated ML and GenAI technologies as needed.

Pivotal Setup for Future Funding Rounds

As startups move through various funding rounds, they must show potential investors that they are focused on the right areas for growth. By preparing for GenAI and ML technology integration from the very beginning, startups will have an advantage in subsequent funding rounds as they demonstrate a focus on a superior user experience, efficient and streamlined operations, and establishing a data-driven culture.

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