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Quick Guide to Optimizing Licensing

January 2, 2024

The challenges of legacy data integration applications

  1. High Annual Licensing Model with Limited Dynamic Pricing


    Traditional data integration platforms often have a hefty annual licensing model, straining budgets and limiting scalability.

    IO Connect Services leverages AWS's pay-as-you-go model, ensuring you only pay for the resources you use. This dynamic pricing structure optimizes costs, allowing for flexibility and cost efficiency.

  2. Rigorous Licensing Renewals and True Ups Annually


    Frequent licensing renewals and true-ups lead to administrative burdens and unexpected costs, impacting financial planning.

    IO Connect Services provides a transparent and predictable pricing model, eliminating the need for annual true-ups. Say goodbye to licensing headaches and gain financial predictability with our streamlined approach.

  3. Limited Internal Mulesoft Resources


    Internal resource constraints, especially with MuleSoft expertise, hinder the seamless operation of data integration systems.

    IO Connect Services brings a team of seasoned experts to the table, alleviating the burden on internal resources. Our specialists handle the migration process and provide comprehensive training to empower your team for ongoing success.

  4. Legacy Applications that Required Custom Integration and Support


    Legacy applications often demand customized integration solutions and ongoing support, posing challenges for migration.

    IO Connect Services specializes in addressing the unique requirements of legacy applications. Our experts design tailored integration solutions and provide robust support to ensure a smooth transition without compromising functionality.

  5. Desire to Move to the Cloud


    The aspiration to move to the cloud requires a strategic approach and a partner with cloud expertise.

    IO Connect Services aligns with your objectives for cloud migration, so you can leverage the power of AWS serverless environments. Our proven methodology ensures a seamless transition, unlocking the benefits of cloud infrastructure for your data integration processes.


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