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Recurate, Retail: AWS Migration for Resale Platform Scalability

January 20, 2024
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The retail market continues to grow increasingly competitive, with e-commerce playing a crucial role in its success. Recurate, a tech company based in Washington, D.C., is focused on enabling retailers to capitalize on growing resale opportunities in this dynamic environment.


With demand accelerating faster than its existing infrastructure could keep up, Recurate sought a way to rapidly scale its tech solution to meet the needs of its growing customer base.


Recurate’s easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution helps retailers establish integrated resale platforms directly on their e-commerce sites.

Recurate’s original offering was a self-managed, semi-monolithic containerized solution that required constant server rebooting and manual scaling. Any customized feature for one client could negatively affect the speed and performance of the entire system.

The company needed to find a way to quickly add more and larger clients to its portfolio.

Ultimately, Recurate’s customer portfolio was growing so quickly that its existing infrastructure couldn’t keep up, and the company urgently needed to move to the cloud.

Cloud-based infrastructure allows for native integration with other services powering:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Integration

Accelerating client onboarding speed for digital branded resale leader

Onboarding Speed

Accelerated software releases and onboarding time for new brands by 7X.


Revenue for resale client reached 60X its previous level in the United Kingdom after the deployment by IO Connect of AWS technology.

100% Downtime
Challenges Addressed

Addressed 100% of downtime challenges to reach 99.999% uptime, when previously client system had 1 hour of downtime every 48 hours.


Although Recurate’s initial architecture leveraged SaaS to execute some of its early use cases, the company knew it would eventually need to migrate to AWS for the scalable infrastructure, hosting services, and application integration required. Recurate partnered with IO Connect to create a solution for growth.

The experts at IO Connect proposed a completely serverless, cloud-based solution infrastructure allowing for native integration with other services and saving significant development time.

Every customer is able to function independently from one another, speeding up the onboarding of new tenants (7x faster) and significantly reducing system maintenance.

The ability to perform functionality testing in isolation increases security, while also virtually eliminating the downtime issues with the previous system.

Additionally, customers can handle >1,000 transactions per second, improving overall user experience.

The solution was tested in the UK market for a Fortune 500 retail client whose subsequent revenue increased 60x compared to pre-migration.


  • Completely serverless, cloud-based infrastructure
  • >1000 transactions per second
  • Increased security
  • Optimized out-of-the-box features
  • Significantly reduced downtime


  • Migration achieved in less than one month

IO Connect truly facilitated our ability to grow exponentially by designing, implementing, and migrating us to a solution that is highly scalable, reliable, and cost-effective. This solution reduced barriers to entry in new markets and accelerated time to revenue with simplified client onboarding.

Bill McLain, VP Engineering, Recurate

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