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Sfara, Automotive: Revolutionizing Vehicle Safety Solutions

February 29, 2024
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Sfara’s mission of vehicle safety led them to create a connected mobile device solution, offering protection any time that a person is in a moving vehicle. This innovation both reports problematic driving behavior and also automatically notifies the nearest first responders during accidents. Partnering with a top German carmaker to develop a machine learning model for driver safety included using sensor data. Sfara is able to process data directly on mobile devices to avoid delays and provide real-time insights, unlike many solutions that relay detected events to a backend platform.


Sfara, a pioneering vehicle safety solutions start-up, faced significant setbacks in scaling its innovative safety and collision management mobile application to an enterprise level due to architecture design.


Despite individual machine learning modules, the application’s architecture suffered from unreliability, lacking critical features such as dependable first responder communication. Additionally, the company grappled with monetization strategies around their application, seeking to transition from outdated OEM licensing agreements to a modern cloud infrastructure solution.

The success of their pilot program with a major car manufacturer hinged on a more robust, reliable, up-to-date solution.

Modern cloud-based infrastructure built for:

  • Scalability
  • Cost Savings
  • Reliability
  • Growth
  • Innovation

Contract-winning, globally deployable solutions for automative startup

Long-Term Contract Won

IO Connect's pilot program enabled the customer to lock a long-term contract with a major European automative giant.

Partnerships Won with Major Industry Players

Thanks to IO Connect’s solution, multiple large automative industry companies partnered with client.

Solution Deployed in US and Germany

IO Connect’s solution was deployed in multiple countries, including major markets such as US and Germany.


To tackle these challenges, Sfara sought the expertise of IO Connect Services. Collaborating closely, the IO Connect team in the US and Mexico revamped the application, addressing legacy code issues, resolving bugs, and enhancing overall reliability. Following a successful pilot program, the major German car manufacturer extended its partnership with Sfara, tasking the start-up with global deployment. However, navigating diverse data regulations across different countries presented a fresh set of obstacles. Recognizing the importance of localized deployment for reduced data latency, particularly in emergency scenarios, IO Connect facilitated tailored solutions for each region.

Considering the application’s portability across various travel personas, IO Connect devised a dynamic pricing structure. By aligning pricing with users’ travel habits, such as frequent business travelers versus local commuters, Sfara optimized its revenue model.

IO Connect envisioned further opportunities for expansion. Introducing a data lake solution, the team proposed innovative monetization avenues. By broadening the scope of events detected, such as minor parking lot incidents, Sfara empowered the car manufacturer to proactively engage customers with targeted promotional offers, recapturing revenue streams.

IO Connect not only helped achieve this start-up’s original goal to migrate to a scalable, flexible architecture but has remained an ally and valuable resource to help the organization refine its future vision for growth and success.


  • Data migration to a reliable cloud solution
  • Increased revenue
  • Personalized pricing structure for clients
  • Innovative monetization streams
  • AI integration


  • Migration achieved in less than one month

About IO Connect

IO Connect Services is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, a certified MuleSoft® System Integrator Partner, a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Partner, and a member of the Datadog Partner Network. Our professionals have over 20 years of experience delivering complex technical solutions worldwide. We offer solutions in migration, DevOps, cloud native development, cloud solution architecture, security and compliance, and managed services. The company has achieved AWS competencies in retail, migration, and DevOps. We work relentlessly on establishing and maintaining trust with our clients and all business partners for successful long-term relationships.

Focusing on companies “born in the cloud” or wishing to migrate to the cloud, IO Connect enables them to leverage the advantages of having a cloud-native infrastructure.

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