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Brightfield, Digital HR: A Race to Beat License Renewal

January 15, 2024
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Founded in 2006, Brightfield is a leader in augmented analytics providing data, intelligence, and consulting services for employers and staffing firms. Their Talent Data Exchange is a subscription-based AI service that has been trained on the transactional data of more than 500+ companies with annual spending of $50M to $3B.


Brightfield, an AI and big data analytics company, was rapidly approaching the renewal date for its Oracle licenses, representing an annual cost of over $500,000. They realized it was time to move to a cloud-based solution and reduce technology-related licensing fees.


To support their business, Brightfield had invested in Oracle as both a database vendor and hosting provider. They wanted to reduce licensing costs and move to open-source technology but did not have internal development expertise in infrastructure, AWS, or cloud management.

Brightfield’s existing solution was a monolith, the database size was over 15TB, and the workload was highly transactional, complicating migration planning. Although the code was well structured, features couldn’t be released independently. If changes were made, their entire product had to be tested and released, resulting in errors and unwanted downtime.

Brightfield sought a flexible and scalable serverless solution. Before their Oracle licenses were up for renewal, Brightfield partnered with IO Connect Services, planned an AWS migration, and worked backwards from the renewal deadline to ensure their new solution would be completed on time and without complications.

AWS Cloud-based infrastructure built for:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Cost Savings
  • Greater Data Control
  • Streamlined Maintenance

Cost optimization and accelerating go-to-market for working intelligence

in License Savings

Achieved annual savings of $500K in Oracle licensing cost


Zero downtime during deployments greatly improved client experience and usability.


New microservice architecture (vs. monolith) significantly accelerates Brightfield’s time to market for new features.


The IO Connect team identified the best opportunities to break down the application into manageable containers during migration, add functionality, and select the appropriate AWS tools to complete the project.

IO Connect then recommended a managed service provider (MSP), which eliminated the need for a database administrator.

By using an MSP to operate and maintain the new solution, Brightfield saves money by storing data that is used less frequently in less expensive storage containers. Brightfield brings this data into premium storage only as needed.

Since the new system uses containers instead of a monolith, Brightfield can now accelerate its go-to-market timelines for future releases. Not only does AWS reduce the time it takes to test new functionality, but overall downtime decreases because the service is no longer affected by individual updates.

Brightfield’s bottom line is now significantly reduced. They pay for what is used in the system, instead of wasting money on costly flat licensing fees.

Switching to AWS has meant an increase in capabilities for scalability, performance, and fault tolerance, resulting in a high-quality product for the company’s customer base.


  • Complete digital migration to serverless computing
  • Zero downtime during deployments
  • Pay-as-you go pricing
  • Accelerated time-to-market for new features


  • Migration achieved in less than one month

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