Microflows = Microservice + Integration Framework Library

In  this whitepaper, Dr. Javier Navarro-Machuca introduces the concept of Microflows. A Microflow is the combination of a Microservice and a  well-defined transaction integration flow implemented with an  Integration Framework Library.

The concept of Microservices has  been very trendy in the last couple of years. In my point of view,  Microservices is a way to streamline some of the principles of the  Service Orientation Architecture paradigm (SOA): service loose coupling,  service abstraction, service reusability, service autonomy, service  statelessness, service composability.

On  the other hand, governance complexity increases since you end up with  many software assets that you need to maintain, version, and  standardize. Therefore, the service discoverability and standardized  service contract principles are extremely important in order to achieve a  good level of service governance.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • Common implementation problems in system integrations.
  • What a microflow is, and its anatomy.
  • Inter-flow communication.
  • Migrating a legacy integration flow to microflows.
  • Addressing common implementation problems in system integrations with microflows.


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